What Are The Advantages of Containers Trailers Over Road Trailers? What Are The Advantages of Containers Trailers Over Road Trailers?

Containers Designed Especially for Road and Rail?

SCF design and manufacture containers specifically for Australian road transport. They come with a range of functionality and safety features that are critical for road and rail operators.

Container Trailers by SCF

Your all in one solution for Australian road and rail transport

Unlike conventional shipping containers, SCF's intermodal container range is designed and built for Australian transport, accommodating two Australian standard pallets side by side for enhanced efficiency and versatility. When paired with an Australian-built SCF skel trailer, this seamless combination offers an unparalleled trailer alternative with enhanced efficiency and capacity. 

SCF's Intermodal Containers

Browse our range of Intermodal containers designed to perform over and over again in Australia's harsh conditions. From truck, to train, and back to truck, take advantage of the flexibility a container represents for your fleet.

SCF Container Solutions - 48ft Skel

48ft Skel

Ultra low profile 48ft Skel trailer.
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SCF Container Solutions - Pallet Wide Containers

Pallet Wide Containers

SCF's dry end door pallet wide containers are the original intermodal solution. Easy to use, reliable and consistent. With Vertical Load Bars, you can double internal storage.
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SCF Container Solutions - Tautliner Containers

Tautliner Containers

Tautliner containers are easily accessible from both sides. They come with gates to protect palletised goods that can be easily and safely removed by operators, and Mezzanine Decks are optional to increase internal storage.
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SCF Container Solutions - Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerated containers will keep goods cold for days on end. With superior thermal insulation, machine run time is kept down to maintain a constant internal temperature.
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SCF 40Ft PW Skel Short

Not Just a Shipping Container

SCF’s specialized intermodal container range has been developed in conjunction with, and specifically for, the Australian transport industry.  

What started out with furniture removalists over 30 years ago quickly grew to incorporate intermodal customers. With that came containers built specifically around the needs of these customers, including the ability to hold two chep pallets, in addition to further restraint and safety features.

Our containers have been, and will continue to be, refined in consultation with customers and engineers to ensure the demands of the changing industry continue to be met.  

Why Use a Container Trailer?

SCF's purpose built container trailers offer a versatile and efficient alternative to traditional trailers, addressing the challenges faced by the industry. 

SCF Shipping Containers - Zero (almost) Lead Time

Zero (almost) Lead Time

With a Skel and Container combination from SCF, you can quickly get your fleet moving with the right equipment. Our national depot network stock our intermodal fleet too - so you don't have to wait months or even years to get your hands on the right equipment.
SCF Shipping Containers - Increased Flexibility

Increased Flexibility

Much more flexibility than fixed trailers. Change your container type to better service your customers needs - tautliner, dry 2 pallet wide containers, refrigerated containers. Swap out when you need them.
SCF Shipping Containers - Access Rail

Access Rail

Containers can go straight from your Skel onto rail, opening a much larger market for your business. Leverage the advantages to cost effectively service a national customer base with less time or resources needed for long haul trips on the road across the country. Safer for you and your team.
SCF 48Ft Tautliner Truck

So what are the differences between intermodal containers and traditional shipping containers?

SCF Intermodal Containers
Standard Shipping Containers
Can Fit Two Chep Pallets

All SCF intermodal containers are designed to fit two Chep pallets side by side, so you can maximise internal storage.
Standard shipping containers are too narrow to fit two Chep pallets side by side.
Transport Features

SCF has a range of containers in our fleet with transport specific features, such as Vertical Load Bars and Mezzanine Decks, that allow containers to be safely double stacked. Steel floor options are available for added strength.
Double stacking in a standard container has to be done onto other pallets, which is a problem if they are delicate or holding soft goods.
Designed and Built for Australia

Our containers are designed to thrive in Australia's harsh conditions. And with depots around the country, we can keep your containers on the road, not in the workshop waiting for repairs.
Built for the shipping lines and not much else. Once they are off the boat, they are at the mercy of the owner. Dents, dings and dodgy doors need to be fixed by a qualified repairer, who aren't always easy to find.
SCF 2X20ft Side Opening On Truck

Our Footprint Extends Across Australia

With depots across the country, you can get the equipment you need quickly. And we can maintain and repair damaged containers, so your equipment spends more time out on the road and less time in the lockup waiting for a fix.

Map of Australian major roads, rails, freight terminals and SCF depots
SCF Pallet Wide On Fork In Depot

Need It Now? No Worries

SCF Containers Stacked In Depot
We are constantly building into our fleet of intermodal containers, which means you don't have to wait 12 months or longer for equipment. Need something next week? Once you're on board, contact your SCF representative who will prepare it for release from our closest depot to you.

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