Refrigerated Trailer Refrigerated Trailer

Refrigerated Trailer

Refrigerated Trailer

A refrigerated trailer from SCF can be used on road and easily transported to rail without the need to unload all internal contents. With superior thermal insulation, motor run time is kept at a minimum whilst internal goods stay cold. 

Key Features

  • Cold transport that can be safely and quickly transferred between road and rail
  • Thermo King or Carrier refrigeration machinery
  • 2 pallet wide - from 20 to 48 pallet internal capacity
  • Vertical Load Bars support the safe double stacking of pallets
  • Airflow floor design to aid efficient cooling
  • F-Track for freight restraint whilst in transit
  • Internal Scuff Plates and flush mounted components to reduce damage
  • Internal lighting and emergency exit for safe operation

Product Details

SCF's Refrigerated Trailer is a flexible solution designed to capitalise on the utilisation of rail as part of your road operations. With various sizes available, a 41ft or 46ft Refrigerated Container can be deployed with an SCF Skel, with extendable bumper, and be interchanged as needed.

Our Refrigerated range of containers includes all the industry leading operational and safety features that have become synonymous with SCF. With superior thermal insulation to reduce equipment run time, various transport specific fixing and restraint features to secure cargo, and a range of ever improving safety features, our refrigerated range have become a favourite for those regularly transporting temperature sensitive cargo across the country.

SCF's skel offering provides the most versatile solution for your transport requirements. Hire equipment to satisfy your specific cargo specifications, from refrigerated units, to tautliner, side door and dry end door containers. With a national depot network, you can quickly grow or scale down your fleet without long lead times or significant up front costs.


  • Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Floral
  • Fresh food
  • Seafood
  • Frozen food


  • Motor type – TK or Carrier
  • Remote temperature control and GPS Tracking
  • Lightweight Model
  • Branding


46ft Refrigerated Trailer Dimensions

The cubic capacity of a 46ft refrigerated container is 85.5m3.

Please note that the weights for Tare, Payload, and MGW listed below are approximate and subject to variation. These figures can vary based on specific trailer and container builds and customisable options available. For precise specifications tailored to your needs, please contact our sales team.

^ Indicative trailer + container weights
* Indicative container weights only

Length (mm) 13,218
Width (mm) 2,390
Height (mm) 2,716
Length (mm) 14,185
Width (mm) 2,500
Height (mm) 4,250
Tare (kg) 12,500^
Payload (kg) 27,990*
MGW (kg) 35,000*

Refrigerated Trailer External Dimensions 

Dimensions may vary slightly depending on Refrigerated container build and size. A 46ft Refrigerated Container has been used.

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