Tautliner Trailer Tautliner Trailer

Tautliner Trailer

The most versatile tautliner on the market

SCF Skel Trailer and Tautliner container is designed to provide the most flexibility for your ongoing operations. Quickly transfer container type to match your specific cargo needs, and better service your customers with purpose built equipment. With class leading safety features and flexibility, you can rely on SCF.

Key Features

  • 2 pallet wide - store from 20 to 48 pallets
  • Mezzanine deck enables multi stacking of fragile pallets
  • Hanging posts and gates to protect cargo
  • Load binder winches
  • Full lashing rail to restrain cargo in transit

The Versatile Tautliner Trailer

SCF's Tautliner trailer comes with all the bells and whistles of a standard tautliner trailer, but unlike all those others, this can quickly and safely be deployed to rail. Leverage rail and utilise it as part of your broader offering to grow your business or focus on routes that generate the greatest return.

With curtain access from both sides, our containers are a firm favourite with Australian logistics and freight companies across Australia. Not only do they include a range of transport specific features to protect your cargo in transit, they are also designed with user safety in mind. 

Double stack pallets with our optional Mezzanine Deck, that has a lift and lock mechanism so it can be fully operated by a forklift. 

You can also choose from multiple sizes to suit your cargo volume:

  • a 40ft Tautliner can hold up to 40 pallets
  • a 48ft Tautliner can hold up to 48 pallets¬†

Tautliner Trailer Options

  • Mezzanine deck system - increase internal storage to 40 or 48 pallets, depending on container size
  • Lightweight container designs
  • 4 buckle curtain system
  • Fully customised curtain and container branding


  • Palletised freight
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Bulk commodities
  • Construction materials
  • Automotive parts
  • Food and beverages
  • Retail distribution

Tautliner Trailer Dimensions and Weights

The cubic capacity of a 48ft Tautliner container is 91m3.

Please note that the weights for Tare, Payload, and MGW listed below are approximate and subject to variation. These figures can vary based on specific trailer and container builds and customisable options available. For precise specifications tailored to your needs, please contact our sales team.

^ Indicative trailer + container weights
* Indicative container weights only

Length (mm) 14,526
Width (mm) 2,400
Height (mm) 2,623
Length (mm) 14,630
Width (mm) 2,500
Height (mm) 4,300
Tare (kg) 13,260^
Payload (kg) 24,500*
MGW (kg) 32,000*

Tautliner Trailer Dimensions

Specifications may vary between builds. 48ft Tautliner Container below. Contact us for specific dimensions on a 40ft Tautliner Trailer.

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