Shipping Container Bars

Shipping container bars are popping up at sporting events, festivals, and inner city lanes. They're a unique way for enterprising entrepreneurs to serve the public. Easy to set up and quick to open, if you're looking at expanding your brand, a container bar, custom fitted to your needs, is the ideal way to go.

SCF can help you find the perfect container size and have it fitted out with plumbing, seating, windows and more. A perfect little bar in a container.

What Is A Shipping Container Bar?

A shipping container bar is a fully functional bar, installed into the footprint of a shipping container, with a range of bar specific features. 

You can have power for refrigeration, plumbing for sinks and washing, and a service window with beer taps and bar stools to complete the look. And at the end of the day, you can lock everything up securely in a heavy-duty shipping container.

They are super tough and durable, and extremely secure.

A modified 20ft Shipping Container themed cocktail bar.

A modified 20ft Shipping Container themed cocktail bar.

Why Choose A Shipping Container Bar?

Pop up anywhere, go everywhere

If you have some spare room, you can drop a container bar into it. We have many different-sized shipping containers so that you can have a small, standing-room-only bar, or a long bar with a lounge, all inside the container. And if you need to move to another location, close up the container, secure the furniture inside and it can be transported to pretty much anywhere.

Good for the environment

It costs a lot of money and energy to break down and recycle a shipping container. Giving one a new life as a unique transportable container bar is perfect for the environment. In the current climate of supply chain issues and increased transport costs, there is an opportunity to upcycle idle shipping containers. Reusing them for a bar is perfect.

Low-cost investment with small construction costs

Compared to opening a full-function bar, the costs for a shipping container bar are surprisingly small. And you don't need to 'construct' a shipping container, as it's already made. Just have it fitted out and customised to your needs, and you're ready to serve.

Best Uses For Shipping Container Bars


You can fit out a branded container bar and have it transported from festival to festival. This helps with brand recognition when you're launching your craft beer or cider.

They are also studier than a tent or gazebo. Shipping container bars can survive the elements of scorching sun or flooding rains and mud.

They also provide an added layer of protection from the weather, and security from crowds throughout the day and night.


Food truck events, major sporting spectacles or end of year public celebrations are common places that you will see a container bar. They can be delivered to site at short notice, fully equipped and ready to go.

Customers range from sole traders looking to generate additional revenue or grow their brand with statement bars, to large businesses who want to service customers or be seen in an environment that aligns with their positioning. 

Expanding your business

You can drop in a small outer bar, in a container, to help quickly service your patrons. During busy periods, you can reduce the jostling queues at the main bar. With two bars in operation, not only can generate more revenue during peak periods, but you can also break down income from the garden bar and the front bar, and make necessary adjustments. 

Make a Statement

Shipping container bars are distinctive, bold, and new. You can paint the outside and brand yourself as different, radical, and out there.  You will instantly become memorable for standing out in the crowded metro bar scene. Embrace the industrial look, work with the steel, corrugation and shadows cast, or fancy the container up to look upscale and boujee.

Pizzatecca transportable restaurant and bar. Source: glamadelaide.

Pizzatecca transportable restaurant and bar. Source: glamadelaide.

Coopers Shipping Container Bar.

Coopers Shipping Container Bar.

Shipping Container Bar Ideas

SCF 20ft Side Opening Container stage.

SCF 20ft Side Opening Container stage.

Maho Mini Bar.

Maho Mini Bar.

Streets Ice Cream Milk Bar.

Streets Ice Cream Milk Bar.

Sizes For Shipping Container Bars

The first step in launching your shipping container bar is to find the right shipping container for you. Click through to our container page to start the process.

8ft Shipping Container Bars

The 8-foot shipping container is the smallest container available. They are sturdy, weatherproof, and secure for all your valuables. They would make an ideal tasting bar for small volume drinks, such as craft beer, or specialty wines and ciders. 

Consider a standing-room-only bar or a simple bar front at a festival or sporting event, with disposable cups and team colours hanging from the edges.

10ft Shipping Container Bars

Our 10-foot shipping containers are the next size up and have a bit of extra room, giving you more options for the container bar of your dreams. They are windproof and water-tight, pest and vermin proof too. They come with a wooden floor as standard (steel optional on some) and we can install shelving, power and lights.

This would be great for a tiny bar, much like the tiny bars in Shinjuke, Tokyo. An intimate drinking experience. Or, you can have more storage for your front bar, and offer more drinking options for your patrons.

20ft Shipping Container Bars

The most popular shipping container size is our 20-foot containers. You can really wow the public with seating inside your container bar. Or you can have an awning style opening to serve a long line of thirsty patrons from. There is a high cube option for more headroom in your bar, which is a good idea if you plan to have people inside or you want more equipment and internal storage. This is your event bar, the main bar to serve all your fans and patrons. You can have half the container as a bar and the other as a trendy lounge area with bar stools. This size container stands out, which makes you stand out.

Other Custom-Built SCF Container Designs

Our shipping containers can be used for more than just an awesome pop-up or drop-in bar.

Shipping Container Homes

Homes made from shipping containers are becoming very popular. With the tiny home movement and finding inspiration from home renovation shows, people are looking at cost-effective ways to get into the housing market and discover something with an individual style. 

We have a comprehensive guide to designing and building a shipping container home.

Shipping Container Pools

Many Australian homes have swimming pools to help survive the scorching summers. If you lack a huge backyard, a container swimming pool is a viable option. Shipping container pools are a far more cost effective option than a regular pool. It is easy to make a container waterproof, add heating, and a filter, and then drop it into your backyard. The rectangular shape means if you want to have it in-ground, there is no need for strange shapes and curves.

They make great lap pools for exercise, and with some decking added, you'll have the ultimate outdoor chill space, for far less than a full pool install.

Shipping Container Cafes

Much like the container bar, a shipping container cafe is a bold statement, and they stand out from the crowded cafe space. Compared to regular cafes, with the fit-out, rental costs and more, shipping container cafes are a great way to get into the coffee scene. We can fully customise your container cafe with heating, lighting and power. They are incredibly secure and can be dropped into festivals, carnivals and more. 

Read all about shipping container cafes here and get in touch to see how we can get you on your way to being the ultimate barista.

Our container modification team can assist you with building a container bar

The many ways we can modify your shipping container into a bar is only limited by your imagination. We can add power and lights, disco lights if you'd prefer.

Our team can add security features, extra doors and windows, and industrial ventilation too. We can even paint the container any colour you want. Fit your brand, or paint it bright yellow to stand out.

We will even organise the delivery of your newly minted and modded shipping container. We have access to tilt trays, side loaders and crane delivery through our delivery suppliers, whichever suits your site.

Reach out to SCF for all your shipping container bar needs

You can contact us and ask a question, make an enquiry, or request a call back to discuss how SCF can supply you with the best shipping container. 

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