Your Most Versatile Dry Freight Trailer

SCF's dry van trailer is the most versatile dry freight solution on the Australian road market. Quick to deploy, readily available and proven to perform on short and long-haul trips across the country, this trailer will do exactly what you need over and over...and over again.

Key Features

  • Purpose built for Australian road and rail transport
  • SCF custom base arrangement with reinforced floors
  • Reinforced handling points to reduce damage
  • F-track for freight restraint
  • Transport 24 or 48 pallets with Vertical Load Bars

The Dry Van That Does It All

SCF has been providing high performing equipment to the Australian logistics industry for over 30 years. The Dry Van trailer is a versatile option that provides even greater flexibility for road operators looking for a reliable, affordable and flexible transport option.

The trailer is purpose built for Australian conditions, designed to carry up to 48 pallets with the use of Vertical Load Bars. The two pallet wide units also come with lashing rings to secure cargo, reinforced handling points to reduce damage and F-tracks for freight restraint. 

With SCF's wide range of purpose built containers, you can change trailer type at the drop of a hat. Switch a pallet wide Dry Van for a Refrigerated Container, or a Tautliner, simply by visiting one of SCF's depots across the country.

Not only does it shine on the road, it can be quickly, safely and easily transferred from road to rail without the need to unload cargo. Drop it at the rail yard and send it across the country - easy. 


  • General palletised freight
  • Retail and wholesale distribution
  • Manufacturing supply chain
  • E-commerce and parcel delivery
  • Automotive parts and accessories
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies
  • Textiles and apparel
  • Paper and printing products
  • Electronics
  • Non-hazardous chemicals


  • Vertical Load Bars to support double stacking of palletised cargo
  • Lightweight model for increased fuel efficiency and freight handling utilisation
  • Custom Branding

Dry Van Trailer Dimensions and Weights

The cubic capacity of a 48ft Dry Van container is 97.4m3.

Please note that the weights for Tare, Payload, and MGW listed below are approximate and subject to variation. These figures can vary based on specific trailer and container builds and customisable options available. For precise specifications tailored to your needs, please contact our sales team.

^ Indicative trailer + container weights
* Indicative container weights only

Length (mm) 14,490
Width (mm) 2,402
Height (mm) 2,781
Length (mm) 14,630
Width (mm) 2,500
Height (mm) 3,000
Tare (kg) 9,930^
Payload (kg) 29,380*
MGW (kg) 34,000*

Dry Van Trailer Dimensions

Specifications may vary between builds. 48ft Pallet Wide Container below. Contact us for specific dimensions on a 40ft Dry Van Trailer.

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