Moving Milk Across Australia - SCF + McColl's

How do you transport milk?

McColl's and SCF worked together to overcome the many challenges with transporting milk, such as managing temperature control over significant periods of time and distances.  

In seeking a solution to deliver milk intermodally between locations, SCF designed a food grade ISO tank to ensure the integrity of liquids over long journeys without the need for external refrigeration.

Moving milk in our ISO tanks provides greater flexibility than traditional food grade trailers, as they can be loaded onto road and rail.

Three years in the making, SCF's purpose built food grade ISO tanks come with a range of operator safety features and superior thermal insulation. They also come with advanced cleaning features, which makes them easy to maintain as part of your fleet. 

The SCF people take a collaborative approach, that's why we chose them as a partner. They listened to our needs and brought the best ideas on how to meet them.

Andrew Thompson
McColl's Group Business Development Manager

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