20ft Bulk Container

Our 20ft Bulk Container offers the ultimate in flexibility for almost any type of bulk freight. Developed for intermodal use with 2 pallet wide construction, they can be utilised for both bulk and palletised cargo.

Key Features

  • Loaded top lift from 20ft Corner Castings
  • Letterbox hatch for bulk discharge operation
  • Minimised catch points to prevent bulk product hang up inside the container (smooth internal walls)
  • Three roof hatches for standard roof loading operation
  • Tipping capable for bulk discharge
  • Recessed tie down lashing points
  • Reinforced sidewall to prevent container deformation when bulk loading

Product Description

Perfect for heavy or dense freight such as grain, ammonium nitrate or salt, the flat internal walls and floor reduce product hang-up. The full-width letterbox hatch allows for ease of discharge to reduce cleaning and waster product. The units are built with 3 roof hatches for quick loading to enable efficient container turnaround and utilisation.

Our bulk shipping containers are also ideal for the transportation and storage of cargo such as fertiliser, food, stock feed and more. Our container manufacturing process ensures maximum durability and multiple design features to protect against container damage and prevent deformation under load.

Options available for our Bulk Container include:

  • BK2 Compliant paint for DG cargo and increased longevity
  • Smooth Internal Walls to reduce product hang up when unloading and make cleaning easier or Standard Slim Profile Corrugated Walls that are lighter and more cost effective.

SCF offer both new and used bulk containers for hire or for sale.

Operational Benefits


  • Door channel for use with bulk head
  • Letter box hatch with side operation to reduce HSE risk


  • Top lifted loaded from 20' corner castings
  • Empty & full loading lift from bottom central fork pockets
  • Empty side lift


  • Side Walls and End Walls rated up to 0.8P
  • Lashing rings suitable for bulker bag internal linings


  • Top corner protection plates to reduce damage when lifting
  • Protected hatch areas to reduce risk of impact damage
  • Reinforced walls to reduce deformation
  • Anti racking design to reduce distortion when bulk loading

20ft Bulk Container Dimensions and Weight

Specifications may vary

Litres 37,600
Length (mm) 6,058
Width (mm) 2,460
Height (mm) 2,896
Tare (kg) 3,270
Payload (kg) 27,210
MGW (kg) 30,480
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